1-Way Vision Horizontal Blinds


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This 1-Way Vision Horizontal Blind is absolutely great! It will provide Security  & Energy Efficiency for any window! And aside from that … the use of these blinds will offer Safe and Explosion-proof which make your Windows stronger and prevent burglary.

They also block 50% of harmful UV Rays and blocking harmful radiation, creating a healthy living environment. It is the simple solution for close neighbors, high traffic areas, front entrances, or any exterior window that you desire.


  •  Fashionable: Gives you privacy with an elegant decorative effect.
  • Protect Privacy: Stops others from seeing the inside. Safe and explosion-proof, preventing glass fragments from splashing. Effectively blocks harmful radiation.
  • Energy Saving: Also acts like summer and winter insulation, reduce air conditioning that lessens your energy consumption.
  • Wide Application: It can be easily applied in minutes on windows at home, kitchen, office, meeting room, or rental apartments.
  • Easy to Install: You can use a paper cutter to cut any size to fit your window. Simply peel off the backing film and apply to a clean glass window.


  • Type: Window Glass Blinds
  • Size: 30*100cm/35*100cm/40*100cm/45*100cm/50*100cm/55*100cm optional
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: White