2.4mm-4.8mm Rivet Nut Gun Drill Adaptor


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This rivet gun adapter is forged from aluminum alloy, it has super high working strength. The alloy steel forged gun head has high hardness and durability, saving time and effort. Lower noise, more efficient, small size, and easy to carry. No slipping back nails, fast speed and high efficiency, design of three-claw nail anastomosis for 360° scratch nail, riveting smoothly without burrs, the three-piece structure makes it hard to get stuck. As a tool accessory, this rivet gun adapter can be combined with various types of power tools. Applicable to all kinds of sheet metal, pipes. The handle is made of hard plastic with an anti-slip design, which is hard to slip with a vertical grip. More labor-saving than manual rivet gun and more convenient than pneumatic tools. It is a good helper for home and work.

Product Description:

DIY Supplies: woodworking, stainless steel, pipes
Power Source: work with the electric drill
MAX RPM : 1000 RPM
Min Torque Strength: 15 N.m
Material: Carbon steel and plastic
Color: Blue, Black
Full length: Approx. 160mm

Method of operation:

1. Turn on the electric drill

2. Connect the electric drill

3. Install the auxiliary handle

4. It needs to be rotated counterclockwise to the end before inserting the rivet

5. Put in the correct rivets

6. Pull out the rivet clockwise

7. Exit the rivet counterclockwise