360 Adjustable Electric Automatic Pressure Water Sprayer Bottle


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The Perfect Anti-clogging Nozzle with Two-stage design, unique technology, smooth flow, no water blocking. Lengthened nozzle design, 360° free rotation. with USB Charging feature with an indicator light that lights up after fully charged. The pressure water sprayer with a 2200 mAh lithium battery has a long battery life, more than four hours of continuous use. made from ABS Material, the pressure water sprayer features high strength, high hardness, good heat, and cold resistance, and long service life. Transparent body for visible water level. The automatic safety valve has an injection water column with pressure up to 5-8 m.
Convenient Water Injection because it directly opens the bottle cap and adds water to inject water. The atomization is fine, the water column is concentrated, and the spraying effect is good. The 2 levels switch design can meet the needs of various flowers. also, it comes in Energy-saving Handle with a hand-held grip design, any hand type can be suitable. The ergonomic design, comfortable grip, energy-saving, and anti-slip. The Adjustable Spray (Swirl Nozzle) has  1. Spray state: fine spray, high adhesion, and heavy mist. 2. Water column status: larger brush force can be used to irrigate farther plants.

Name: Electric Automatic High-pressure Water Sprayer
Material: ABS engineering plastic + PV
Size: as picture shown
Capacity: 2L (actually 2.5L)
Power supply mode: USB charging
Lithium battery: 2200mA
Work time: It can work continuously for 4-5 hours with one charge.

1. Rotate counterclockwise and pull out the showerhead.
2. Fill with water, do not exceed the waterline.
3. Push the connecting rod down, high pressure 10-15
4. When pressed, press the switch to exit.
5. Rotate clockwise to atomize and reverse to a high-pressure water column.
6. If not used for a long time, keep it in a cool place.

Packing List:
Electric Sprayer*1Garden Electric Sprayer 360° Adjustable Electric Automatic Pressure Water Sprayer Hose Sprayer Bottle