45mm luminescent Sticky Balls


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This  45mm luminescent Sticky Ball is amazing! The sticky wall ball is constructed of TPR (thermoplastic rubber). It is safe and gentle, will not harm the child, and will help parents and children communicate emotionally.

This sticky wall ball is extremely sticky. You can throw it on the ceiling, the wall, the glass, and so on, and it will stick. Throw these sticky balls against the wall and catch them as they slowly tumble down.

Our sticky wall ball will sparkle and play with a more relaxed attitude. Holidays allow children to communicate with their peers and parents through sticky wall ball engagement, which helps improve emotional communication.


  • The ceiling can be glued for 3-20 seconds, and the ordinary white plaster wall can be glued for 5-30 seconds
  • The size of the large ball is 60mm, and the weight of a single ball is 26.5G,
  • The ball size is 45mm, and the weight of a single ball is 10.5G
  • All of them are OPP packaging.