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Anti Aging Snail Cream

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People are willing to try almost anything in the name of beauty. Whether it's adding urine to your night cream or getting a vampire facial a la Kim Kardashian, some people will try nearly anything in the name of vanity.

One of the latest ways people are trying to look forever 21 is with a snail facial, a procedure where you put tiny punctures in your face via microblading and then allow a snail slime infused serum to settle into your skin.

The procedure is supposed to fight pimples, fade your dark spots, and plump up your skin. If you don't live near a spa that offers the treatment, luckily there are tons of snail creams on the market that are supposed to give you the same benefits with consistent use.

Anti Aging Snail Cream

Unfortunately, putting snails on your face wasn't part of the routine. Imagine having cool, soft snails sliding over your face would be quite relaxing, but apparently you'd need 75 of them on your face at one time to see any effects, so it just wasn't feasible.

Plus they'd probably want to be gliding across a lettuce leaf rather than your nose, anyway. Instead, snail farmers harvest the gooey mucus and companies package it and sell it on the internet as a restorative snail face cream. With 92% snail mucous extract , ready to swap out your usual nightly application.

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Snail Mucus Extract
Snail mucus refers to the snail mucus secretion in the process of crawling, Snail mucus extract is the essence extracted from the snail slime, we call it “snail mucus extract” The snail mucus extract contains natural collagen, elastin, allantoin, D-Glucuronic acid, vitamin etc..

With these ingredients deep into the skin, skin can be repaired, and increase the skin nutrition; allantoin can complement the cell regene ration factor, thus making rapid regeneration of the skin. And then restore the soft, smooth and delicate skin.

Anti Aging Snail Cream

Snails in treatment of skin scar

Hippocrates records the snail slime has the function of moisturizing, anti-inflammation and an algesia, and the continue use can make skin surface becomes smooth and bright.

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Prevents Skin Aging
The snail mucus secretion can effectively prevent skin from aging, and can eliminate the spots on the skin, and acne scars. Making use of the regeneration effect of snail to make skin-protection cream has protective effects on the skin.

The chemical composition of snail mucus secretion has the firming effect, which can make the skin rapid regeneration. Allantoin extract from the snail mucus can make skin regeneration; protein and vitamins c an increase the skin nutrition, making the skin more delicate and smooth.

Anti Aging Snail Cream 5

Main Components

  • Collagen: essential connective tissue components of skin; constituting intact skin architecture with elastin ; maintaining water
  • Elastin: keep skin tissue's elastin, as the age grows, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles, appropriate amount of the elastin can prevents wrinkles appear earlier, and reduce UV damage to the skin.
  • Allantoin: effectively repair scars, help the skin withstand free radicals, it has the funcition of moisturizing, anti-inflammation, wound healing, stimulate cell regeneration and soothing effect, skin softeners and antioxidants.
  • D-Glucuronic acid: it can make the viscose surface lipid of skin soft, and make it better to remove aging horniness, accelerate cell regeneration, reduce skin wrinkles and scars, also it can remove dull skin, fade spots and resist free radical damage to the skin.