Back Body Electric Massage Pillow Shiatsu Device


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Intelligent 6 button multi-mode / Adjust the intensity / Dual 8D kneading massage

You and your family. Is it ahead of the weight?

Gently lie down

Maybe, you and health only have a massage pillow distance

New upgrade 9 advantages

New experience new 4 buttons

  1. One-key switch
  2. Directions
  3. Speed
  4. Heating


Healthy life comes from your right choice

① Intelligent omnidirectional mode

② Scrapping mode

③ Soft mode


Special wave curve


Human hand dual 8D massage head

Different rotation different effect

Dual 8D massage way includes push, press, extruding, knead, pinch, and roll.

Upgrade 3 gears speed regulation


12V human body safety voltage

High quality pure copper mute motor

15 minutes of smart timing

Good quality is the absolute truth

① Upgrade leather feel smooth

② Breathable mesh

③ Memory inner core


Packaged in a shipping carton with a portable color box.


Product name: Cervical massage pillow

Rated voltage: 12 V

Product model: RP2

Rated power: 24 W

Product functions: Kneading, massage, hot compress, speed regulation

Product feature: 16 positive and negative massage heads,

Temperature-sensitive hot compress,


protection material

Color box size: 43.5 * 14.5 *26 cm

Rated time: 15 minutes