Color Changing Jellyfish Nightlight


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This Color-Changing Jellyfish Nightlight is absolutely stunning! Give your eyes something to stare off into at work with the glow-in-the-dark jellyfish paperweight. The compact size makes it ideal for placing on a crowded desk while the hypnotizing jellyfish floating inside the hand-blown glass captures your attention with its vivid colors.

Place this mesmerizingly beautiful glass paperweight under sunlight and it’ll emit a soft glow at night. Use the glass top separately as a pretty paperweight, or place it atop the lamp base and watch the soft lighting shine through to add alternating shades of bioluminescence during night time.


  • This exquisite Jellyfish Paperweight Nightlight glows in the dark and changes colors while looking like it’s swimming in glass.
  • Color-changing LED lamp base adds beautiful shades of hue to your jellyfish and provides soft lighting for the night.
  • Perfect gift as a decorative piece or nightlight for sea lovers, avid divers, child and adults alike.
  • Jellyfish are made of glass and are not real jellyfish. Each one is individually hand-blown so no two are alike.
  • The base is powered by a 3 x AA battery (not included).
  • Each order includes 1 x glass piece and 1 x LED lamp base.
  • Measures approx. 2.4″ x 5.2″ / 6 x 13 cm (with base).