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FoldFlat Reading Glasses
FoldFlat Reading Glasses
FoldFlat Reading Glasses
FoldFlat Reading Glasses
FoldFlat Reading Glasses
FoldFlat Reading Glasses
FoldFlat Reading Glasses
FoldFlat Reading Glasses
FoldFlat Reading Glasses
FoldFlat Reading Glasses

FoldFlat Reading Glasses

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Simplicity makes perfect reading glasses ever.

FoldFlat is eyewear which folds flat but opens to show a curvy form which comfortably fits the human head's arc. Its lenses are slanted a little to allow wearers to see things in front of them with ease. Finally, glasses folding flat acquire good portability and toughness.

  • Just a simple twist of fixing rim locks downwards to a horizontal axis and inclining the revolving shaft of temples accordingly makes FoldFlat something you have never seen; the first reading glasses without typical reading glasses problems.
  • You never cease being active and curious with FoldFlat.
  • Everyone gets old and needs reading glasses someday. But what if you have a pair of reading glasses which is so light and thin when folded that it can slip into a book you are reading or hang from the shoulder bag just like a lucky charm.
  • It makes you and the people around you all happy.
  • The twist of tilted rim locks makes a pair of reading glasses which you can take out or put into your chest pocket with a single slick move. Eyewear which folds flat, but opens to show its curvy form may give a lovely bit of surprise and joy to people around you.
  • To spread value and spirit of Made-in-SABAE to the world.
  • The manufacture of FoldFlat is exclusively done in SABAE, which is a local small town with a population of 67,000 but has been Japan's largest glasses district since 1905. SABAE certainly have the spirit of the eyewear-manufacturing town.
  • FoldFlat is now ready to go overseas to spread the value and spirit of Made-in-SABAE, which is based on the 100-year heritage, to the broader world.
  • All we hope for FoldFlat is to be your precious one.
  • People see joy and sadness through their pairs of glasses. We, as the manufacturer and seller of FoldFlat, hope for it to become your precious, beloved partner, which always stays close to you and serves you in going through life's ups and downs.
  • As thinness is slim with approximately 2mm at the time of the folding, you can receive it compactly when you catch it in the book as a substitute for a long wallet and a breast pocket, a bookmark (bookmark) and am the new portable thin leading glass which you can take by smooth conduct.
  • It is pleased with Valentine white day Christmas as gifts such as the celebration of celebration resignation very much on the sixtieth birthday on wedding anniversary in Mother's Day in birthday present Father's Day.
  • It is portable convex glasses letting you make a feeling to know. You attribute it to the farsightedness and do not get rid of a hobby. It becomes troublesome to see it other than the visuals such as the necessary letter, photograph carelessly after having become farsighted.
  • Wear the fold-flat around the halfway up a mountain of the nose, and turn to some bottoms, and see money; is most suitable; is designed so that is located. In addition, there is no nose pad to realize thinness and portability. Therefore there is little stress that there is not the trace of the nose pad, and makeup deterioration is hard to do; hang it, and is a feeling.

The Product Details

  • A-frame type: Oval
  • Frame color:gold/red
  • Size
  • Development: 155mm in width X 40mm in width in height X frame 145mm in width
  • Folding time: 155mm in width X 40mm in width in height X thickness 2mm
  • "Thinness 2mm" is the thinness only for the frame which does not include a lens.
  • Product weight: Approximately 15 g
  • A-frame material: Nickel silver (nickel silver)
  • A lens material: Plastic (acrylic) for the optics
  • Lens coating: Multi-coat (hard court, prevention of reflection coat)
  • Ultraviolet rays cut: UV360
  • The standard lens frequency: Five kinds (+1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00,+3.50,+4.00)