Handheld Auto Mini Vacuum Cleaner


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Are you tired of cleaning the interior of your car every day?

Are you tired of washing your car constantly due to dust accumulated every day?

Are you having a problem with costly carwash bu at the same time you want your car always clean and protected?

You want your car to stay clean and tidy while saving the carwash cost?

Handheld Auto Mini Vacuum Cleaner is at the same time a stylish, wireless, super-powered vacuum cleaner with a long battery life that will keep your surfaces clean and tidy. Whether in your car, couch, or even laptop, say goodbye to dusty, messy, and dirty surfaces.

If you are having a hard time removing the food that fell in between your seats or you are constantly driving your car and need to keep your car cleanthis Handheld Auto Mini Vacuum Cleaner is for you!


Stylish and convenient  

 1. Turbine blade design with high efficiency and strong motor, can easily absorb paper scraps, ash hair, small stones, and other dirt.

2. Deep cleaning, large and small, dry and wet dual-use.

3. It can be placed in the water cup slot, central control, and door pocket in the car, which does not take up space and is convenient to take.

4. Filter screen can be washed and reused, no need to replace expensive consumables, environmental protection and cost-saving. 

AUTONOMY: 60 min.

Cleaning instructions

✔️ Remove the top cover
✔️ Rotate counter-clockwise to remove the dust-proof cylinder
✔️ Remove the blasting sponge
✔️ Remove the non-woven filter screen and metal cover counter-clockwise for cleaning
✔️ Remove the trash from the dust-proof cylinder
✔️All of the triple filters can be washed and dried before use.

Durability and strength 

Built-in power lithium battery power, battery life of up to 60 minutes. After filling, the vehicle can be cleaned several times in a row. Standard C-mount, USB port, it can be charged at home, in the car.

High-performance motor: length of the suction motor Kawasaki, Japan, and a silver-containing silicon-carbon brush core, lower losses, high transmission efficiency; Double ball bearing, a stable and durable.

Package Includes:

➕ Car mini vacuum cleaner
➕ Brush join
➕ Long nozzle joint
➕ Extension hose auxiliary fitting
➕ 4.5m power cord