Household Mold Remover Gel


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Mold may be pernicious and invasive, which means it’s dangerous and difficult to get rid of. Finding a good mold remover, on the other hand, may help you deal with the problem quickly so it doesn’t become a health danger for you and your family.

This Household Mold Remover Gel would help you. The ideal solution to tough mold stains. The thick gel clings to and penetrates stains on tile, grout, showers, and tubs without harsh fumes or overspray.



  • Wildly use, ultimate effective mold stain removal solution for bathroom and household tiles, sinks, fittings, and sealants, etc.
  • No scrubbing working
  • Prevents mold growth from recurring
  • Kill bacteria and prevent germ
  • No more odor caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • No toxic, no harm, safe to use.Easy to use and fast.



  • First: Dry the place where it will be used. Evenly apply the product to the moldy place. Open the lid of the gel tube and press 3mm thickness on where the mold/mildew occurs.
  • Second:  After 3-5 hours(the time depends on the degree of mold, generally 3-5 hours.), wipe with a wet rag or clean with water. If the mold area is large or deep, please increase the use amount or extend the placing time.
  • Tips: When using the pointed cap, you need to cut a small opening from the top. After the application, please take off the pointed cap and wash it, so as not to affect the next use.


  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • sodium hydroxide
  • Household Mold Remover Gel: 19CM × 7CM × 4CM
  • Household Mold Remover Gel × 1