Magnetic Window Wiper


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Are you troubled upon cleaning your windows? Isn’t it risky most especially if the height is tall enough? Worry no more this  Magnetic Window Wiper is great! It enables you to clean your window without needing to risk standing at the window.

Designed with triangular shape design(with smaller frictional resistance), flexible rotation, making your hands acid-free and labor-saving.

Faster and more efficient cleaning window, getting twice the result with just half the effort. You no longer need to replace different window cleaning magnetic tools and spend money to hire someone to help you clean windows.


  • Product Name: Double-sided glass cleaner
  • Material: Plastic, rubber, rubidium iron boron steel
  • Scope of application: 18-29mm/15-26mm/8-15mm/3-8mm
  • Triangle design, easy to rub the corner
  • The shell is strong
  • Magnetic design, not easy to fall off
  •  Thick safety rope, to ensure safety