Multifunction Anti-gravity Yoga Belt Hammock


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Meaning of Yoga: Yoga was intended to “integration” has the meaning of self-realization, the following are some of the basic benefits

1. Conditioning Physiological Balance
Yoga emphasizes physical system is a system composed of several parts so that each part of the state in order to maintain a good healthy body
Yoga adjust the various organs through asana pranayama methods such physiological functions to achieve physical fitness purposes

2. Elimination of inner calm tensions
Entirely through yoga breathing meditation and various asanas regulate the nervous system to eliminate tension

3. Spiritual Cultivation, Virtuous
Yoga advocates a healthy attitude to life makes you naturally get rid of these bad habits of smoking and drinking by constantly better ourselves
Also make you confident

Special effects 4. Special exercises
Very good effect of yoga on weight loss and anxiety disorder, insomnia and other symptoms of arthritis

2.8 meters wide stretch of moderate length may be determined in accordance with the requirements

Material tribute
Weight 93g)
Thickness 93mm)
Zhejiang Jinhua origin
Category Yoga Hammock
Specifications 2.8 Width (m)
Color white, yellow, red, purple, rosy red, blue, green, pink, light

Additional information

Green, Blue, Gray, Black, Red, Light Blue, Gold, Silver, Glass Green, Orange, Pink, Violet, White, Yellow, Brown, Red Wine, Rose Red, Sky Blue, Dark Green, Light Purple, Fruit Green, Deep Blue, Armygreen