Sport Running Silicone Gel Insoles


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 Sport Running Silicone Gel Insoles are perfect orthotic inserts for preventing and relieving pain associated with flat feet, metatarsal pain, heel discomfort, sore feet, and any conditions associated with foot pain. Produced with the highest quality flexible plastic and EVA, orthotics help control, stabilize and balance your feet. Featuring a three-arch design, it features a self-adhesive backing, so the template stays in the same place. It adapts to your feet, preventing your legs from being in the wrong position, perfect to support and care for your feet.


You can cut the insole to the right size for you by yourself

2 ways to cut your Insoles:

1. Measure your feet length, then find the size line on the insole, cut it slightly longer than your feet

2. Use your right size insoles, put it on the new one, then cut it slowly