USB Nano Facial Mist Sprayer


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Product Description:
Material: Plastic
Color: White, pink
Size: Sample size
Water tank capacity: 25ml
Type: Facial Steamer
Quantity: 1Pc
Gender: Women

Cool Mist for Deep Hydrating. Split water into tiny nanometer particles to make the effective component penetrate the and better absorption.  Cool Mist can help shrink pores and tighten skin. Attracting, portable design. Using before making up can prevent dry and hard, easily making a natural makeup look. Using after making up can keep long-wear makeup intact. Mild, Irritation free capacity.

Steps for usage:
1. Unscrew the water tank counterclockwise
2. Put the water tank upside down and add pure water
3. After adding water, turn the tank clockwise to tighten
4. Click the button to rehydrate

Nano Sprayer Maintenance:
1. After use, clean the surface of the product with a soft damp cloth and wipe it dry
2. Do not use essential oils, gasoline, or corrosive cleaners to clean plastic parts
3. Do not place the product in a high temperature and humid environment, so as not to affect the use and effect
4. If not used for a long time, please clean the water tank in a cool and dry place
5. Please use up the water in the water tank at one time, do not use it overnight, it will affect the use and effect 6. Do not use during the charging time

1. Do not add domestic water, be sure to use mineral water to prevent water droplets from forming during use
2. Toner, milk, perfume, etc. can add, but please note that we must dilute it 1:10, otherwise the spray nozzle will block because of too high concentration, causing damage to the humidifier

Package Content:
1 *1PC Facial Steamer
1*1PC USB Cable

Because of the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.1cm=0.3937inch